Jai’s 13 questions faced by DB chief Haroon

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Entertainment Desk: Actor-turned-presenter Shahriar Nazim Joy is facing police officer Harun aur Rashid in Daput. Out of the traditional genre, Jai’s new show ’13 questions’ is faced by Chouks this DB Pradhan.

Viewers can watch the show recorded for Channel Eye on Tuesday (March 21) at 10pm.

Joy has already posted on her Facebook about interviewing the police officer in question. He wrote, ‘This time I am in the DB office. But not to answer the question. Harun Bhai to ask 13 questions.

Earlier, the channel brought Joy a new identity as a presenter due to the show ‘300 Seconds’. Joy feels that the new show ’13 Questions’ is also one of the additions to her presenting career.

About the ’13 questions’ program, Joy said, this program has a different style in my presentation. The show is informative. Can’t compare to all the presentations I’ve done before. I politely asked if a guest had done something controversial.

‘To be more clear, the questions are put to the guests of the show as people think they should be asked.’

Shahriar Nazim Joy said, I always try to do something different. It will be clear from my previous shows. This year’s event is also different. Many have already been guests in this event. All the episodes were liked by the audience. Hope everyone will like this episode too.’

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Chairman of NBR Abu Hena has already faced ’13 questions’ of victory in the management of Sehangal Revolution. Rahmatul Munim, actress Moushumi, Malek Afsari, Delwar Jahan Jhantu, Badhan, Kolkata actress Rituparna Sengupta and many others.

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