Inauguration of Ladis Mela 2023

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Dhaka: Bajus Fair-2023 has been inaugurated for the second time with a colorful arrangement. The fair has been organized for the successful implementation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Vision-2041 and to showcase and promote the jewelery created by jewelery artists from home and abroad.

Saim Sobhan Anveer, Managing Director (MD) of Basundhara Group and President of Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) inaugurated the three-day fair at Navratri Hall of International Convention City Basundhara (ICCB) in the capital on Thursday (February 09) morning.

Bajus leaders along with Sabrina Sobhan, Director of Basundhara Group were present on this occasion.

The second Bajus Mela, the biggest event of Bangladesh’s jewelery industry, which plays an incomparable role in the country’s economy, will continue till February 11. Bajus Fair will be open for buyers and visitors daily from 10 am to 9 pm. Bajus Fair entry ticket price is Rs 100 per person. However, children up to five years of age will not need a ticket.

Bajus Fair 2023 is hoped to enrich the domestic jewelery industry as well as create a new niche in the global market. The awareness of sophisticated design jewelery made by goldsmiths of the country will increase.

A raffle draw has been organized for shoppers at the Bajaos Fair. Customers will collect a raffle draw coupon from the organization from which they will purchase the jewellery. Apart from this, jewelery companies are offering special offers to attract the attention of buyers.

This time, 50 traditional jewelery companies of the country have participated in 8 pavilions, 12 mini pavilions and 30 stalls in the Laas fair.

Participating companies are Amin Jewelers Limited, Apan Jewellers, Alonkar Niketan (Pvt.) Limited, Kunj Jewellers, Royal Malabar Jewelers (BD) Limited, Venus Jewelers Limited, Diamond World Limited and Jarwa House (Pvt.) Limited.

The 12 companies participating in the mini pavilion are – Vinayak Gold & Diamond, Golden World, Gaurav Jewellers, New Fancy Jewellers, The Pearl Oasis Jewellers, Jaya Gold, Zara Gold, Alvi Jewellers, Rizvi Jewellers, Royal Diamond, Dreamz Instrument Technology and Raj. Aishwari Gold..

There are 30 companies participating in the stall – LK Jewellers, Chaudhary Gold, Gitanjali Jewellers, Rhea Jewellers, Anand Jewellers, Diamond House, Aftab Jewellers, Fareeha Jewellers, I. K Jewelers Limited, Rajnigandha Jewelers Limited, Sultana Jewelers (Pvt.) Limited, Nibir Jewellers, Siraj Jewellers, Diamond Bazaar & Gold, Ananya Jewellers, Die Gold & Diamond, D. Damas The Art of Jewelry, d. Diamond, Queen Pearl House, New Basundhara Jewellers, Soul Gems & Diamond, Palash Jewellers, Classic Gold & Diamond Jewellery, Diamond Corner, Gold King Jewellers, Sonargaon Jewellers, Monimala Jewellers, RN Microtech, Bangladesh Dice House and SGL Lab Bangladesh Limited.

Bangladesh Time: 1212 Hours, February 09, 2023

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