Imran Khan’s house raided after leaving for court

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan’s house was raided by the police on Saturday. The raid started at his residence Zaman Park in Lahore when he left to appear in court in Islamabad. Imran Khan appeared in the additional district and session judge’s court in the Toshakhana corruption case.

The police tried to enter the house with the help of a large tractor in a barrier mobile. The police blocked the streets of the surrounding houses to enter his house. Mobile network is also down there. Sources – AFP and Dawn

Meanwhile, Imran Khan condemned the operation on Twitter. Wrote, ‘Punjab Police attacked my house Zaman Park. Wife Bushra Begum is alone at home. In what law are they doing this? It is part of the London Plan. Where one was promised to bring fugitive Nawaz Sharif to power to agree to appoint one.’

The case has accused him of concealing the purchase and sale of state gifts during his tenure as prime minister. The session court of Islamabad issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against Imran Khan on February 28 due to his continued absence in the hearing of the Toshakhana case.

The country’s police then raided the PTI chairman’s house to arrest him. On this news, the party’s activists and supporters formed resistance there. In this situation, the high court decided not to arrest Imran till Friday due to fear of violence.

Imran Khan, who came from cricket to politics, was sworn in as the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan on August 18, 2018. He was ousted in the face of a no-confidence vote in Parliament in April last year. This brought the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) back to power. And Shahbaz Sharif, the younger brother of the country’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, became the prime minister.

Imran is going through various crises after being ousted from power. At least four cases are pending against him in court. On November 3, he was gunned down at a party rally in Wazirabad, Punjab. He was taken to the hospital with a bullet wound in his leg. Several PTI leaders were also injured in the attack; One worker died.

On Tuesday, Imran Khan appeared in the court in Islamabad’s judicial complex area and took bail in two cases related to terrorism and prohibited funds. At that time, a session judge court in another area issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against him. The court is in F-8 Kachari area, which is half an hour’s drive from the judicial complex.

In the Toshakhana case, Imran’s lawyer told the court that Imran had gone to appear in other courts in some cases. Because of this he is not able to attend. But Judge Zafar Iqbal ignored it and issued the warrant.

In this situation, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran approached the Islamabad High Court today. The High Court granted him anticipatory bail on March 9 in an attempt to murder case. A large number of police were deployed in and around the court to issue warrants and bail against him.

The PLMN-led coalition government filed a case against Imran Khan for allegedly selling four gifts to Toshakhana last August. Toshakhana is a division under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division in Pakistan. It preserves the valuable gifts that top government officials receive from abroad. According to Toshakhana rules, anyone who receives a gift must report it to the cabinet department.

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