Imran Khan compared the repression of Shahbaz government with the torture of Kashmir

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that his party will not back down from the government’s repression under any circumstances. The people will answer for the brutality being done against PTI. He compared the repression of the Shahbaz government with the torture of the Indian government in Kashmir. News from The Dawn

On Saturday, he went to the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Lahore seeking interim bail in three cases. He said these things to reporters outside the court at this time. The court granted him interim bail till April 4 in three cases filed at Lahore Race Course Police Station.

ATC Judge Ejaz Ahmed Butar heard the bail plea. In the hearing, Imran Khan said that he wants to be included in the investigation. Because he sees the risk of arrest.

Imran Khan’s pre-announced rally was held at the Minar-e-Pakistan ground in Lahore. The former prime minister told reporters that regardless of the obstacles, the people will avoid all obstacles and participate in the rally to make the program a success. We will not back down under any circumstances, he assured the activists.

Imran Khan asserted that the government would see the largest gathering in the country’s history at Minar-e-Pakistan. 1 thousand 600 workers have been arrested for thwarting this rally. Their crime is that they want to make the rally a success.

Imran Khan said, what India is doing illegally in Jammu and Kashmir, it is treating PTI the same way. The Shahbaz government is perpetrating the same brutality as the Jews are perpetrating with the Palestinians. Government is using all brutal methods against PTI. He and his team are ready to make sacrifices for true freedom.

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