How to hide adult content from children on Snapchat

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Snapchat has become as popular as other social media platforms. This app is in everyone’s favorite list for taking pictures and videos. However, with its increasing popularity, some difficulties are also increasing. Because it is adding various adult content.

Many are making and sharing videos on various topics along with other trendy videos. But you can control these contents if you want. Especially if your child uses Snapchat, you can control the content on their phone.

Snapchat recently rolled out a new ‘Content Controls’ feature to its Family Center. With this new feature, parents can control the content that they don’t want their kids to see. That means if a teenager in your household uses Snapchat, you can control what content is shown to them.

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Let’s know how to use the content control feature-

To enable the new feature, parents must first create a Family Center account with their children. Then click on ‘Restrict Sensitive Content’ option. Then block the content that you don’t want to show. After that, your child will no longer be able to see any content that you have blocked. If you want to see, you will get a notification.

Source: The Verge


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