How many dollars are needed for the reconstruction of Ukraine, the World Bank said

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It will cost Ukraine $411 billion to recover from the war and rebuild the country. Cleaning up the rubble of a devastated city alone will cost five billion dollars.

The World Bank said this in a post on Twitter on Thursday (March 23). According to the estimate given by the World Bank, Ukraine will need 10 years to complete these works.

According to the World Bank report released on Wednesday, as long as the war continues, the demand for compensation will continue to increase.

The report details some of the economic and human costs of the war. Of these, nearly two million homes were damaged. One in five public health institutions were affected. 650 ambulances were damaged or stolen.

It also confirmed that at least 9,655 civilians including 461 children were killed.

On Wednesday, the World Bank’s vice president for Europe and Central Asia, Anna Bjorde, said Ukraine’s reconstruction “will take several years.”

He said the report so far estimates $135 billion in direct damage to buildings and infrastructure. These losses would have been much higher had Ukraine’s defenses not been in place. The country needs three to four billion dollars every month to survive.

Russia’s aggression has set Ukraine’s economic progress back 15 percent, the World Bank says. Its gross domestic product fell by 29 percent. In addition, the war has pushed 1.7 million Ukrainians into poverty.

formula- Al Jazeera

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