How different and secure are the native operating systems from Android and iOS

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India News, Delhi (Bharos): The use of smartphones has increased tremendously in recent years across the globe as well as in India. But you know, this The most important operating system for a cell phone is the OS. If the smartphone doesn’t have an OS, then your phone will be like a dummy phone. Currently, there are two types of operating systems that are popular in India, iOS and Android. But now an Indian version i.e. a domestic OS has been developed, which is named BharOS. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Electronics and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav also tested the domestic OS ‘Bhar-OS’ on Tuesday.

What is Load-OS?

Bhar-OS created by IIT Madras will contribute significantly to developing a self-sufficient digital India under Make in India. In fact, J&K Operations, a company incubated by IIT Madras, has created a mobile operating system called BharOS, which is a privacy-focused mobile operating system. The operating system will be available for commercial off-the-shelf handsets. Explain that BharOS is a new privacy-centric operating system in India. BharOS will be made available to organizations with strict privacy and security standards.

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