Hindenburg said, another report is coming

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After the publication of the Hindenburg Research report on January 24, a storm is brewing in the empire of Indian billionaire Adani. According to Hurun Global’s report, Adani Group has already lost 35 percent or 2 thousand 8 billion dollars in assets. Adani has slipped from the position of second richest in the world to the 23rd position. The impact of that report is still not over. In the meantime, this American research organization announced on Thursday that they are going to publish another report soon. The company said this in a tweet on Thursday. However, the research firm did not say in a tweet when the next report will be published. The publication also did not give any specifics about what the report is about.

The earlier Hindenburg Research report alleged that Gautam Adani got rich through rigging. The business group he owns has artificially inflated share prices. In this way investors have been cheated in the stock market.

Adani is facing tough times not only in India. Due to this incident, its acceptance in the world market has also decreased. Swiss bank Credit Suisse and US-based Citigroup have stopped taking Adani’s bonds as collateral for loans payable to private bankers. Adani Group has been knocked out of the US Dow Jones index. There is more panic in the stock market.

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