Hidden Danger: Submerged Landmines Threaten Flooded Kherson, Ukraine

Hidden Danger: Submerged Landmines Threaten Flooded Kherson, Ukraine
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Following the collapse of the dam in the Kherson region of Ukraine, the area has been struck by a devastating flood, leading to a loss of lives and forcing thousands of people to flee their homes in search of safety.

The dam’s failure has caused the water levels of the Dnipro River to rise dramatically, further complicating an already tense situation as the river acts as a natural boundary between the territories controlled by Russia and Ukraine. Both nations have engaged in a blame game, accusing each other of responsibility for the dam’s collapse.

In addition to the immediate challenges posed by the flood, a new and significant concern has emerged—landmines. Due to the ongoing conflict, landmines were previously placed in various locations, including the Kherson region. However, the sudden flooding has made it extremely difficult to detect these hidden explosives, rendering the entire flooded area dangerous.

The submerged landmines now pose a serious threat not only to the residents of Kherson but also to those providing aid in the area. Previously, the locations of these mines were known, but the floodwaters have washed away any visible signs, making their identification nearly impossible.

The Red Cross has expressed deep concern about the situation, warning that these mines have become a significant danger to both the local population and those involved in rescue and relief efforts. Submerged landmines, once buried underground, can now float and become lethal floating bombs, increasing the risk of accidental detonation if they collide with debris or other objects.

The collapse of the dam in Russian-controlled Nova Kakhovka early Tuesday resulted in the extensive flooding of the Kakhovka Reservoir. As a result, 30 towns and villages have been submerged, with approximately 2,000 houses sinking beneath the water’s surface. Of the affected settlements, 20 are under Ukrainian control, while 10 are under Russian control.

The situation remains critical, demanding immediate attention and concerted efforts from both sides to address the imminent threat posed by submerged landmines. It is crucial to prioritize the safety of both the affected population and the humanitarian workers involved in relief operations.

As the international community monitors the unfolding situation, urgent support and resources are required to assist in mine-clearing operations, ensuring the safe evacuation and relocation of affected individuals, and providing aid to those impacted by this catastrophic event.

Recovery and reconstruction efforts in the wake of this disaster will require sustained cooperation, collaboration, and support from all stakeholders. By working together, Ukraine and Russia can mitigate the immediate risks and lay the foundation for long-term resilience in the affected regions.

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