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Have you seen this game? I heard that it is crazy! Of course, it is because the game is called Crazy Eights! If you are looking for something that you can play during your break time or if you are just looking for something to occupy your time, then Crazy Eights is number one on the list! 



Crazy eights is a classic card game that has some similarities with the basics of UNO and is about winning rounds. The game initially originated as Eights in the 1930s, while Crazy Eights first appeared in the 1940s. Crazy Eights is a play on Section 8, the term used by the American military to designate troops who were mentally unfit for duty.


Playing this card game with friends and family is a lot of fun. You may irritate your colleagues by using cards like the Skip card, which prevents a player from taking his turn after it, or the Reverse card, which lets you switch the flow of the game. Of course, you may utilize the draw two (+2) card to get the upper hand on your opponent and allow the following player to draw two cards, but remember that this card might be stacked. However, you may also select the draw four cards (+4) option, which lets you pick the subsequent opponent’s color while making them draw four cards. Last but not least, you have regular number cards in various colors and a color-changing card.



An outrageous after-school club called Crazy 8s exists to enthuse students about arithmetic. This curriculum includes a variety of unique, hands-on arithmetic exercises that appeal to a wide range of youngsters, not just the future math contest sorts. It is intended for students in grades K-2 and 3-5.



Crazy Eights is played by 2 to 4 players to begin the game. Deal 7 cards to each player if there are just two. Deal 5 cards to each player if there are more. The remaining cards are placed face down in a stack in the center. Overturn the top card.

The game is initiated by the player on the dealer’s left, and it then proceeds clockwise from that point.

Cards that match the current card in either suit (hearts, diamonds, etc.) or rank can be played face-up by a player during their turn. You can play either a five or a club, for instance, if the face-up card in play is the five of clubs.

Eights can be played at any moment and are wild. When a player plays an eight, they get to choose the current suit, which can be either diamonds, hearts, clubs, or spades.

The player must draw cards from the deck until they find a match if they are unable to match the top cards. Players that don’t have a match lose their turn once the draw pile is empty.



Just like in playing UNO, every cards played in Crazy Eights corresponds to different meanings too. Below are the list of the meaning of cards in this game.

The eights are a special card that, as you are well aware, allows you to switch suits, just like the wild card in Uno. The advanced edition of Crazy Eights also includes additional special cards, as you are aware if you have played Uno before.

You have two choices if one of these cards is dealt face-up as the opening card:

drawing a new card after returning the first to the center of the draw pile.

Act as though the dealer dealt the card.

If a special card was played last, it is simply disregarded (in contrast with the Uno rules and the Uno attack rules where a player must draw the penalty cards before the game ends).

  1. The Queen (The Skip Card)
  • The turn of the following player is skipped when a Queen is played. Instead, the following player takes their turn. The player that played the Queen plays again if you are playing one against one.


  1. The Ace (The Reverse Direction)
  • The direction of play flips if you play an Ace. Keep in mind that this card has no effect in a two-player game.


  1. The Two (The Draw 2 Card)
  • The following player must draw two cards if you play a two. However, in contrast to Uno, where stacking is prohibited, the following player is permitted to play another Two, forcing them to draw four cards (unless the next player also plays a Two). To put it another way, the first player who is unable to play a Two must draw two cards for each Two that follows.



We have a replacement for the well-liked card game called Crazy Eights! Play the renowned card game with the plus four! On gidd.io, you may play the well-liked card game with all of your pals. Spanish for one is uno. And when you just have one card left, that is precisely what you have to say. You may access the game through this link: https://gidd.io/games/crazy-eights



At Gidd.io, you can configure various settings for Crazy Eights. You can set the Uno delay time and enable how oft a power card should be placed.


  • Stackable plus 4 cards: allows you to put down a plus 4 card on another plus 4 cards, making for painful draws. Stackable choose color cards to allow you to put down a choose color card on another choose color card, canceling the first one out.
  • Seven Card Rule: when a card with the value of seven is played, the player can choose another player to exchange their hands with.
  • Zero Card Rule: If a card with the value of zero is played, all players must change their hands with the player on their left. So be careful on whom you play those plus 4 cards; the next turn, it might come back to haunt you.
  • Unlimited draw: If a player cannot play a card, he must draw cards from the deck until he draws one that he can play out. Potentially leading to massive hands. Be advised that this rule is experimental and can drag on the game for hours.

Furthermore, Gidd.io allows you to customize the deck itself for more fun. You can change the amount of plus 2 and plus 4 cards in the deck. The higher frequency of drawing cards makes the game unpredictable. Fun guaranteed.



Crazy eights is purely a game of chance; there is no genuine winning strategy.

Keep your “plus 4” and “select color” cards handy when you need them. They are valuable. Play them when you would otherwise have to draw a card to avoid difficulty as the game draws closer. Take note of everything. You must press the button to have the player draw another card if they neglect to shout out their “UNO.” You might be able to make an amazing comeback if you do this. Be positive. Uno is a rather erratic game. Though it might appear that you are about to lose since everyone else has fewer cards, this might alter at any time.

Sounds challenging, right? However, there is no point in hesitating because it is enjoyable! All you have to keep in mind is: Never Give Up!

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