Half heist-simulator, half adventure game, The Clue! was an unusual crime game even for its time

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From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett (opens in new tab) wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the cube to carry random video games again into the sunshine. This week, GTA is way from the one solution to expertise a lifetime of crime. You would rob a financial institution in actual life! Or, alternatively…

As credos go, a thief’s is fairly easy: What’s yours is mine. Why, it is so elementary to the job, games about them may even pinch it from each othe (opens in new tab)r. Earlier than Garrett although, and positively earlier than… uh… The Yellow Man, the artwork of thievery was a bit extra of an journey. A not very properly translated one, admittedly, however nonetheless. The time is the Nineteen Fifties. The place, London. The objective, to grasp the artwork of theft.

I hope it is fingerpainting. I used to be at all times finest at fingerpainting.

So there I used to be, pretending to be in the midst of an anecdote, when I discovered myself on the platforms at Victoria Station. Three kilos in my pocket, a perpetual cigarette between my lips. No mates, no contacts, and solely at 82% well being. In all probability one thing to do with the cigarette. This in fact is not going to be allowed to face. By the top of the week, I totally intend to be the Moriarty to this metropolis’s Sherlock, the Lupin III to its Zenigata, the Hamburglar to its Mayor McCheese. All I want to perform that is every part. Conveniently, that is additionally what I intend to steal.


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