Gunite Monga brought Oscar to the country as a souvenir, here is the video

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He has set a precedent on the stage of Oscar. Indian film ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ won the Best Short Documentary category. Guneet Monga won an Oscar as a documentary producer. Guneet has just returned home with Sonali’s souvenir. The Oscar-winning producer went straight to Amritsar after returning home. Went to the Golden Temple. The mother of a well-known star of the country took him there.

He promised that if Guneet won the Oscar, he would drive him to the Golden Temple himself. Popular chef Vikas Khanna’s mother spoke. Bikash’s mother Bindu Khanna welcomed Oscar winner Guneet with flowers and sweets. After that, he drove himself and appeared at the Golden Temple with Guneet. Bikash shared the video on social media. “From chasing a dream to becoming one of the best producers in the world,” he writes. Guneet, you have made every Indian proud. Mother had promised that if you won the Oscar, she would drive you to the Golden Temple.” He also took a picture with Guneet holding the Oscar trophy. Fans are overwhelmed by the heartwarming pictures and videos on social media pages.

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It should be noted that Guneet could not make his speech even though he got on the Oscar stage and accepted the award. The director of the documentary, Karthiki Gonsalves, gave a speech, but the Oscar authorities did not give Guneet a chance to say anything after that. Guneet left the stage with only the Oscar memorabilia. A ‘disappointed’ Guneet later said, “I didn’t get a chance to make my point.” I just wanted to say that this is India’s first Oscar as an Indian production. Which I think is a big deal. Can’t come this far and speak for myself, it can’t be. I’ll go back and I’ll leave it at that.”


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