Gold seized 40 times on India-Bangladesh border

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BSF personnel recovered 40 gold bars from India-Bangladesh border. On Saturday (March 18) they were recovered by the Indian Border Guard in a tip-off operation.

They got information that gold was going to be smuggled from Bangladesh to India through ICP Petrapol border in a truck. A search team was then formed as per the instructions of the BSF officials.

Later, a suspected Bangladeshi truck entered India through ICP Petrapol. BSF personnel got suspicious after seeing the truck and started searching.

Fish was being brought from Bangladesh to India in that truck. BSF personnel searched the entire truck. Meanwhile, 40 gold bars were recovered from under the fish box. Immediately, the driver was arrested along with the BSF member’s truck and gold. He was brought to the BSF camp for questioning.

The arrested trafficker has been identified as Sushankar Das, who hails from Satkhira district of Bangladesh.

Sushankar Das said he has been driving trucks for 15 years. The owner of the truck is Shafiqul Islam, a resident of Satkhira. It was loaded with fish from Satkhira. After arriving in India, these fish were supposed to be handed over to Baba International of Kolkata.

The current market value of the recovered gold bars is 2 crore 78 lakh 57 thousand 561 rupees. The smuggler has been handed over to the police at Custom Office Petrapol Tentulia along with the gold bars and truck.


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