Girls Reach Out to Each Other in Hoshikuzu Telepath Anime Teaser Visual

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The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Rasuko Okuma’s four-panel sci-fi yuri manga Hoshikuzu telepath (Stardust Telepath) opening Today, its teaser visual reveals the schedule and key staff.

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The TV anime is set to premiere in 2023. KaoriPreviously employed Yuushuki And Quintessential Quintuplets IIDirectly connected with the series composition writer Natsuko Takahashi (Farewell, my dear Kramer) and character designer/chief animation director Takahiro Sakai (Yuki Yuna is a hero). Gokumi study (Phantom of the idol) works in animation production.

Director Kaori says, “Beautiful designs and very beautiful color pages! Even though it’s a four-panel manga, I found the dramatic, bold panel layout and serious storyline unusual for Kirara’s work. I feel pressured to do my best. To recreate that impression in the anime.” and “‘Cute!’ and ‘Tough!’ Will take turns, so I hope you hold on to your emotions and wait for the story of Umika and her friends.

Teaser Scene:

The manga has been serialized in a magazine since May 2019 and has so far released three Tankbone volumes in Japan. The official web page of the manga’s publisher Describes Following is the summary of its first volume:

A shy girl, Umika’s problem is that she cannot speak well due to excessive stage fright. She gradually gave up trying to make friends. Then one day a transfer student named Yu appears. She’s an alien and has the ability of “Odecopathy” which allows her to sense other people’s emotions when her forehead meets theirs…!? Amazing coming-of-age story of “Yuri” and “Space” by upcoming author Rusuko Okuma.

Tankobon 1 and 3 Volume Covers:

Source: “Hoshikuzu Telepath” anime official website / Twitter

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