Foodgrain export contract extended

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Turkey And of the United Nations in mediation to do Ukraineof Russia the black sea become safely food grain export of the agreement duration More grew up sunday United Nations And Turkey on behalf of A announcement to give is past year July in the month United Nations And Turkey in mediation Russia And of Ukraine the contract completed is after in november More ১২০ of the day for duration increase is Worldwide food crisis coping to do was this of the agreement original aim the news AFP.

past year ২৪ February of Russia Ukraine of the campaign after the black sea blocked to do if off become goes grain export Activities extensive food crisis start is around the world different in the country food of the product the price increased goes multiplicity saturday that of the agreement duration the end to be talk was

United Nations And Turkey sunday told of the contract duration increase has been, However how long for that specific did not they are Ukraine saying, this ১২০ of the day for increase has been but of Russia cooperation need And Moscow only ৬০ of the day for contract Renewal to do agreed has been

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