Folk song ‘Hasphans’ in Nancy’s voice

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Usually romantic In the song success more However Disgusted In the song too found gone him he became sweetharmonious of voice entitled to Nancy. Bangla in song of own impression kept he but ever folk and so on In folk songs the voice did not give As a result Nancy’s in singing the people tone how will sound, that to know chance did not the audience now that empty space meet did the first time in the throat picked up folk song of namegasp a slave Rabbani’s writing And Murad Noor’s in tune of the song music arrangement doing Mushfiq Litu.

new A experience In context Nancy saidstart from i am in fear I was folk song me with will be whether a few times I thought the song no I do what i know what is to sing after in mind done, as much as fear got his than good has been my the audience for this new surprise will be

lyric poet a slave Rabbani’s Comment, suddenly by doing one of people if talk off become goes, smile off become goes, then that one gasp condition made up is, that the feeling basically this in song found will go On the other hand music director Mushfiq Litu said, a lot day after one new kind of song I did it is right romantic or Disgusted song too no ever ever in mind to be can both the fun right here soon this of music a image construction to do will be says told Those concerned. After that this will come publicly

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