‘Enjoying the honeymoon for now’! When did you get married? Answered by Malaika Arora

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Malaika Arora divorced Arbaaz Khan in 2016. Since then she is in love with Arjun Kapoor. Although initially they did not open their mouths about their relationship in public, now that situation has changed. Now there is no more hiding. Arjun and Malaika are quite open about their relationship on social media. When are the couple getting married? Two stars have faced this question several times. This time Malaika answered that question by coming to an event.

The age difference between the two is 12 years. On top of that, she is a mother of one child. Malaika had to face many controversies and criticisms in the early days of her relationship with Arjun. But the situation has changed with time. Now the two stars are quite comfortable with each other. What do they think about marriage? Malaika’s reply to the question, “We are now in the pre-honeymoon stage. Enjoying every moment.” He added, “Both of us are quite experienced. Both agree that they want to spend their lives with each other. Although we joked about marriage among ourselves, we also thought about it seriously. But we don’t want to tell everything now.” More curious fans heard Malaika talk.

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Arjun is much younger than Malaika. Has that age difference ever caused a problem? “I feel younger with Arjun. Even though she is young, very few people understand me like she does,” the candid ‘Chainya Chainya’ star. He wants to spend his life with Arjuna. Arjuna also knows this. Although not thinking about marriage at the moment, the two have plans to be together. And now, Malaika wants to be good together.


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