Dohar Dibu Goateo, ISL champion in Mohun Bagan’s huge dressing room!

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Just like Emiliano Martinez. Just as the goalkeeper of the team had a big hand behind Argentina’s trophy win in Qatar World Cup, Vishal Keith was one of the architects of Mohun Bagan’s victory in ISL. Just like Martinez in the World Cup final, the Maroon goalkeeper saved a penalty in the tiebreaker in the ISL final. Just as France was stuck in the hands of Martinez, Sunil Chhetri’s Bengaluru dreams were shattered in the same way in the hands of Vishal. Like Martinez, Vishal won the Golden Gloves as the best goalkeeper of the competition. The controversial Bagan goalkeeper cheered in a ‘vulgar’ manner just like Martinez after winning the competition.

A picture of Vishal has spread on social media. It is seen there, he is cheering in the dressing room. Vishal was seen in the dressing room in exactly the same pose that Martinez showed after winning the Golden Gloves. However, Anandabazar Online did not verify the authenticity of the photo. But the person seen in the picture also has the jersey number ‘1’ like Vishal. Another footballer was seen in the garden.

This picture of Vishal is spreading on social media. Photo: Facebook

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Picture of ATK Mohun Bagan footballers

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Martinez’s celebration after winning the World Cup was controversial. France also complained to FIFA. Martinez was warned by FIFA. His conduct has also been investigated. However, the goalkeeper of Lionel Messi’s team was not punished. In the midst of the controversy, Messi said that Martinez cheered him on even though they had banned him many times. The party did not like his attitude. Martinez later said he was excited and cheered at the moment. He had no intention of hurting anyone. However, the controversy did not stop after that.

Vishal has done well under Bagan Tekathi in ISL this time. He did not score in 12 out of 24 matches in the competition. The Bagan goalkeeper made several good saves in the final as well. Due to this, Vishal won the ISL best goalkeeper award. But after that, while cheering, he got involved in the controversy.


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