DJ Bravo’s song, shouts of ‘Championess’, Mohun Bagan’s celebrations return to town with trophy

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The face of the sky is India since Tuesday morning. covered with dark clouds It started raining in the afternoon. Meanwhile, thousands of Mohun Bagan fans crowded the airport. Why not? This is the first time the favorite team has won the ISL. The club name is preceded by the words ‘ATK’. The result is double the joy. The footballers of Mohun Bagan are also involved in that joy. The Dedar festival continued with the trophy before taking a break for a few days back home.

The entire team was supposed to go directly to RPSG House in Mominpur from the airport. Players, coaches also got on the bus. The normal route should not take more than an hour, so it took around two and a half hours. Courtesy of Mohan-supporters of Love Torture. The bus was followed by a large number of supporters on bikes. There are many supporters in front of the bus. Everyone is busy taking photos and selfies. However, the dream of touching once did not succeed as the glass of the bus was covered. The bus turned towards New Town from the airport. It was taken up to Mominpur through the Green Corridor.

The team bus entered the RPSG house around 3 pm. However, fans were not allowed inside due to tight security. However, a few supporters have been spotted. Hugo Bumos, Manbir Singhara went to have lunch. Sanjeev Goenka appeared on the arranged stage in between. He said, “Now is our very happy time. We won the trophy for the first time after joining Mohun Bagan. This is not meant to be a feeling.”

Mohun Bagan got Rs 6 crore prize money from the organizers for winning the ISL. This time, will the financial reward be met by the leader? Sanjeev’s reply, “What could be a greater reward than winning a trophy. The whole team won the trophy after working hard for so many months. Is there anything more than that?” Sanjeev also revealed that he had decided before the start of the season that the Super Giants would be paired with Mohun Bagan’s name. Just waiting for the right time.


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Mohun Bagan footballers celebrate after landing Kolkata

After returning to the city, Mohun Bagan’s preparations for the next season began, the name of the coach was announced

The team came while Sanjeev was talking. Coach Juan Ferrando, Manveer Singh, Sumit Rathi, Manveer Singh started to rise one by one on the stage. The trophy was already covered with a white cloth on the stage. After the team arrived, captain Pritam and coach Fernando removed their clothes and picked up the trophy. Slowly came Dimitri Petratos, Shubashis Bosura. Let’s burn Dedar.

Sanjeev handed over the mic to Ferrando. Mohun Bagan coach said, “I want to thank all the footballers. I got this award because of hard work. Dedicating this trophy to the entire Mohun Bagan family. But for us success is past. I will enjoy today. Our new challenge starts tomorrow. We have to take a break for a few days and start preparing for the Super Cup.” Pritam said, “We have gone through many ups and downs. But this success is due to having great footballers.”

After Pritam’s speech, DJ Bravo’s song ‘Champion, Champion’ played from behind. Football also matched the tune of cricket. The footballers started dancing with the trophy on the stage. They also started singing ‘campiones, campiones’ in Spanish. After dancing for some time, the festival ended. Slowly the footballers got out and got back on the bus. Destination hotel. From there you will return home with your bag. Half a month break after six-seven months of hard work. On April 2, practice again at Mohun Bagan. Preparations for the next season will begin.

A festival is over. Preparations for another festival have already started.

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