Demand to control Tiktok-Likey-Bigo during Ramadan

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Bangladesh Mobile Consumers Association has demanded control of TikTok, Facebook Reels, Bigo and Likey to protect the sanctity of Ramadan. This claim was made in a statement sent to the media on Monday (March 20).

In a statement, the president of the organization Mohiuddin Ahmed said, ‘We have been saying for a long time that obscenity should be stopped on social media. However, Facebook and TikTok authorities say they do not allow posting or sharing any anti-social or obscene videos. But the reality is that these mediums have now overtaken pornography.

He also said, ‘There are instructions in Islam to refrain from these media for the sake of protecting the devout Muslim society and the sanctity of Ramadan in our country. As our country currently has about 18 crore active SIMs and the number of internet users is about 13 crore. The number of social media users is around 8 crores. Internet use is very important to properly fulfill the responsibilities of family, society, friends, relatives and even religious institutions. A fasting person is forced to use the internet and social media. Many people use these social media due to long-standing habits. In this, many Islamic provisions of the destruction of the sanctity of the month of Ramadan are clearly observed.

So, in the interest of protecting the sanctity of the month of Ramadan, we will have a demand to the government and regulatory agencies, to contact the social media authorities and arrange how to control or close it for a month or not. As a result of this decision, I think that the observance of the holy Ramadan of the devout Muslims will be protected a lot’ said the President of Muthofone Consumers Association.


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