D&D’s New Fate Domain Cleric Can See The Future

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The “Wonders of the Multiverse” Unearthed Arcana article for Dungeons & Dragons has added the divination-fueled Destiny Area subclass for clerics.

The newest Unearthed Arcana article for Dungeons & Dragons has launched the Destiny Area subclass for clerics, granting them the flexibility to see occasions earlier than they occur and tie their future to others. It looks like an odd notion for D&D to have destiny, contemplating how many necessary occasions are determined by cube rolls, however there are deities that rule over destiny, with the DM being the mightiest amongst them. The wild magic sorcerers do not understand it, however they’re the closest to understanding the reality of actuality, as they’ve the flexibility to make use of magic to tip the chances of their favor.


One of the crucial highly effective faculties of magic in D&D is Divination, or quite, it must be. D&D‘s college of Divination accommodates spells that may see far-off locations, decipher unknown languages, and even predict the longer term in restricted methods. The issue is that Divination spells are likely to take a variety of the enjoyable out of the sport, as they take away the aspect of shock from the story. A sensible participant is aware of that they need to use their Divination spells sparingly, as all the time counting on arcane eye or clairvoyance will pressure the DMs hand, and there’ll quickly be magical countermeasures put in place that cease Divination spells from working.

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Divination magic is commonly related to wizards, however clerics additionally make for potent diviners. It’s because they’ll contact their deity and ask them for information, although solutions aren’t all the time assured.  The “Wonders of the Multiverse” Unearthed Arcana article has launched a playtesting model of the Destiny Area subclass for clerics. The playtesting content material in D&D books is not all the time assured to make it in (just like the minimize D&D Mages of Strixhaven subclasses), but when it does, then future D&D gamers may have a personality that’s expert in seeing the longer term. The Area spells of the Destiny Area cleric embrace dissonant whispers and heroism at degree 1, see invisibility and warding bond at degree 3, beacon of hope and clairvoyance at degree 5, loss of life ward and divination at degree 7, and commune and geas at degree 9. This implies the Destiny Area cleric is all the time stacked with Divination spells, however what about their subclass skills?

Destiny Area Clerics Can Shield Themselves With Visions

The Destiny Area clerics achieve entry to 2 skills at degree 1: Ties That Bind and Omens and Portents. Ties That Bind lets the cleric kind a magical bond with a creature or object by touching it, permitting them to know the path of the bonded topic for the following hour. If the topic is an unwilling creature, then they’ll make a Knowledge saving throw to keep away from the impact. Whereas Ties That Bind is in impact, the character will heal or harm the creature by a further 1d6 when utilizing spells. Omens and Portents let the cleric forged D&D‘s augury spell as soon as per day at no cost and reduces the possibility of their deity ignoring the reply from a divination spell by 25%.

As soon as the Destiny Area cleric hits degree 2, they’ll use their Channel Divinity characteristic to energy their new Strands of Destiny means. It takes a bonus motion to activate Strands of Destiny and it stays energetic for a minute or till the caster’s focus is damaged. Whereas the caster is below the results of Strands of Destiny, they’ll use their response to offer one other creature that’s making an assault roll or means examine benefit or drawback on their roll. This implies Strands of Destiny can be utilized to help allies or weaken enemies, although the truth that it requires focus to make use of does restrict its enchantment considerably, because it prevents some D&D character-buffing spells (like bless) from getting used.

The Sixth-level Destiny Area means is Insightful Strikes, which requires a bonus motion to make use of and goal a creature inside 30ft. Till the tip of the caster’s subsequent flip, they pressure that concentrate on to take a penalty in response to sure actions. If the cleric assaults the goal, they add 1d6 to the assault roll, or in the event that they forged a spell that prompts a saving throw, then the goal removes 1d6 from their outcome. The cleric can use Insightful Strikes quite a few occasions equal to their proficiency bonus, with all makes use of replenishing on an extended relaxation. The saving throw discount is an unimaginable means, because it makes it much more doubtless for a cleric’s spell to take impact. This means can also be the one that’s most probably to be modified if the category makes it right into a D&D ebook, as D&D 5e has guidelines up to date for significantly much less number-crunching, particularly in battle. It is extra doubtless that this means will in some way confer benefit or drawback, as is extra frequent in D&D 5e. Insightful Strikes additionally feels an excessive amount of like Bardic Inspiration and Chopping Phrases.

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The Eighth-level Destiny Area means is Potent Spellcasting, which has a easy impact, because the cleric now provides their Knowledge modifier to their cantrip spell harm. This means should not be ignored, nevertheless, because it’s potential for a cleric to have 20 Knowledge at degree 8, in order that they’ll be including +5 harm to all of their profitable makes use of of sacred flame. It will make it a good stronger aspect piece when used alongside therapeutic phrase, because the D&D bonus motion spell guidelines imply that cantrips can solely be utilized in the identical flip as a spell that makes use of a bonus motion to forged. The ultimate Destiny Area cleric means is Visions of the Future, which is gained at degree 17. This lets the cleric forged foresight, the one degree 9 Divination spell in D&D, as soon as per day, with its impact lasting for one minute. The foresight spell offers benefit on practically all the caster’s rolls and forces drawback on rolls made in opposition to them. It’s because foresight grants restricted precognition, granting the caster information of issues to return.

It appears doubtless that the “Wonders of the Multiverse” content material is hinting on the return of the Planescape marketing campaign setting. The Destiny Area clerics’ inclusion may very well be attributable to the truth that the battle between legislation and chaos is a vital a part of Planescape, and the flexibility to manage or defy one’s destiny is a vital a part of that battle. If Planescape’s setting does return to D&D, then it would unleash the Destiny Area clerics on the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, the place they’ll annoy DMs by peeking into the longer term.

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