Daughters of these 5 heroines are more beautiful than their mothers

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Entertainment Desk: A bunch of actresses appeared across the silver screen in the nineties. Some of them have made a huge name in the industry with their looks and acting, while some have completely disappeared from the glamor world. But among these there are several stars whose daughters are now fiercely competing with their mothers. Many people think that this generation will shake the screen. Let’s take a look at those celebrity children.

1) Karisma Kapoor’s daughter Samaira Kapoor: Karisma Kapoor is known for her style statement and acting. Karisma-Sanjay Kapoor got married in 2003 with fanfare. However, the relationship did not last long and both got divorced in 2016. Karisma-Sanjay’s daughter Samaira is as beautiful as her mother.

2) Rabina Tandon’s daughter Rasha Tharani: Raveena Tandon is one of the multi-talented actresses in the industry. She is still beautiful at the age of 47. Let me tell you that she is married to the famous businessman Anil Tharani. Their daughter Rasha has turned out to be very attractive.

3) Bhagyashree’s daughter Avantika: He has not developed a special identity in the industry. But daughter Avantika has already made her debut in Bollywood. He made his Bollywood debut with the ‘Mithya’ series released on Z5.

4) Juhi Chawla’s daughter Janhvi Mehta: Juhi is the land of acting, cuteness and beauty. At one time he worked with Dapat. Juhi’s daughter Janhvi Mehta has already become a public figure. He was present in the team selection for KKR in IPL 2022.

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5) Kajol’s daughter Naisa Devgan: Kajol is one of the leading actresses of Bollywood. Millions of men have lost their minds in her enchanting form. Although his daughter Nysa is currently busy with her studies, she has high chances to enter Bollywood.

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