Contradictory! What did Ronaldo do with his teammate this time, who was struggling with goals in the World Cup?

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This is no Cristiano Ronaldo! Ronaldo, who had conceded a goal in the World Cup, asked his team-mate to take the penalty for the club. He gave up the easiest chance to score himself.

Al Nasser scored a penalty in the Saudi Pro-League match against Awa at 1-1. Ronaldo being in the team means he will take the penalty. But in this case, Ronaldo did not take the penalty. He handed the ball over to Brazilian teammate Anderson Talisca, who returned from injury. Taliska scored the team win.

At the end of the match, Ronaldo’s praise was heard in Talisker’s mouth. He said, “We are like a family. Everyone respects everyone here.” And what is Ronaldo saying? “We play as a team,” CR7 said after the game. At the end of the day the good and bad of the team is real. Neither me nor any footballer is bigger than the team. The real thing is to beat the team by scoring goals. That’s what we try to do.

But the picture was not like this at the World Cup in Qatar a few months ago. Against Uruguay in the group stage, Bruno Fernandes’ cross deflected off Ronaldo’s head and into the net. CR7 started cheering as his own goal. The first goal was given to him. But later replays showed that the ball did not hit Ronaldo’s head. A hair has come out on the side. So the goal was awarded to Bruno. Ronaldo could not accept this decision. He objected during the game. He is seen talking to the referee after the game. It was heard that Portugal will appeal to FIFA for goals to be awarded in Ronaldo’s name. But in the end it didn’t happen. However, Ronaldo received a lot of criticism for this incident.


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But this time the picture is different. Ronaldo gave his goal to his teammate. But what country Ronaldo could not handle the temptation to score in the World Cup! That’s why he struggled with goals. But Ronaldo owns numerous precedents in club football. So he gifted a goal to CR7.

However, Ronaldo scored in the match. He scored the team’s first goal from a free kick. Al Nasser was behind until 78 minutes at home. Ava scored in the first half. Ronaldo was behind in the battle for possession of the ball. At that time they get a free kick outside the box. Ronaldo went ahead to shoot. Three opposing footballers formed a wall in front. Ronaldo’s powerful shot went through that wall. The goalkeeper of the opposing team did not reach the ball. The ball goes into the net through the left corner of the post. Since going to Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo has scored 9 goals so far. But this is his first goal at home.

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