Chirag Paswan’s prediction – JDU will end soon

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CM Nitish Kumar and his JDU party have been making headlines lately. Last day, political analyst Prashant Kishor made big claims about Nitish Kumar. Now LJP leader Chirag Paswan has predicted the end of the JDU. In past discussions with the media about the rift between JDU leadership Upendra Kushwaha and CM Nitish Kumar, Chirag Paswan said that not only Kushwaha, but most of the party leadership was dissatisfied with CM Nitish Kumar.

JDU “name tag” will be removed!

Chirag says that in coming days many Upendra Kushwaha may emerge from JDU. He said, “I think by now JDU has moved toward a downfall.” You will see that Nitish’s party will not even be able to open its accounts in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, and it won’t be long before the name of the JDU party will be cleared in Bihar.

Nitish does “use and throw away” – Chirag

Chirag Paswan further made serious accusations against Nitish Kumar and said that Nitish Kumar was only carrying out the politics of use and disposal. With whom the Chief Minister did not do this and I would not be surprised if this also happened in the future.

Chirag says CM is determined to kill Biharis

Targeting CM Nitish Kumar, Chirag says he has not done such work in the state in last 20 years which is commendable. Hundreds of people lost their lives after ban, what did CM do for them. It seems to me that Nitish Kumar is desperate to kill Biharis.

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