Case against Dev in High Court

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West Bengal Representative:

The old woman is suffering from serious illness. Excess noise is not tolerated at this age. So in his last life he bought a flat elsewhere to live in peace. But still the sound is not leaving behind. Because actor and Trinamool parliamentarian Dev’s flat is on the top floor of the house. He created an office there called Dev Entertainment Ventures. As a result, the peace is disturbed by loud noises throughout the day. A 70-year-old couple filed a case against Dev in Calcutta High Court.

In 2015, retired jockey Nicholas Bird bought a flat on South Kolkata’s Prince Anwar Shah Road. They wanted to live in peace on the 28th floor with their wife and daughter. But the problem starts after buying the flat. Dev’s flat is just above them. Allegedly, the actor is doing the rest of the work including sound recording after building an office.

Nicholas Bird’s wife suffered a brain stroke in 2018. Nicholas claims that his wife’s illness is increasing due to the loud noise in Dev’s flat. He also complained directly to Dev. He claimed, in the end, there was no gain. Finally, he filed a case in the High Court as the problem was not resolved.

However, the actor said that he did not trouble anyone. No business is going on there.

Although the complainant’s daughter Cookie Bird claims, Dev’s promotional pictures of several movies are in the flat. Dev does not live in the flat, but he alleged that it is being used as an office.

Meanwhile, the Joint Secretary of Housing acknowledged the noise and said that they are by the side of the elderly couple. Such work should not be done inside the flat at night.

The couple’s lawyer, Partha Dev Burman, said that under municipal law, businesses cannot be housed in habitable flats.


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