Be a remarkably bad cop in remarkably good Half-Life 2 mod Entropy: Zero 2

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Outrageously bold (opens in new tab) Half-Life 2 megamod Entropy: Zero 2 is out, letting you expertise a marketing campaign within the boots of the Mix unhealthy guys. You are the Unhealthy Cop, protagonist and alien overlord collaborator, and your job is to tail Gordon Freeman by way of Nova Prospekt jail earlier than taking a journey to trace down resistance fighter Dr. Judith Mossman in a snowy northern facility.

For those who’re a Half-Life 2 participant I am positive you understand how that goes. Both method, you may play by way of an incredibly detailed marketing campaign, absolutely voiced, absolutely choreographed, that takes one thing like 7-10 hours to beat. Frankly, it is on the standard of many video games we thought-about massive to mid-budget 20-some years in the past.


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