Bangladeshi crowd in Kolkata for Eid shopping, no hotels are empty

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The holy month of Ramadan began in Kolkata on Friday. And since the first day of fasting, the crowd of Bangladeshis has increased in Kolkata’s New Market, known as ‘Mini Bangladesh’. In addition, Bangladeshi people can be seen in various big shopping malls including Quest Mall, Barabazar. This crowd has increased mainly keeping in mind the Eid shopping. Meanwhile, overcrowding has led to a hotel crisis in Kolkata’s New Market area. Even if small rooms are available, asking rent is two to three times.

About 10,000 Bangladeshi nationals come to India every day by road, rail and air from Bangladesh for good shopping at cheap prices across the border. This number has almost doubled in the last few days. A large part of them set foot in Kolkata and went to the New Market area of ​​Central Kolkata. After resting there for a while, they are going out for shopping. And the New Market area is one of the favorite places of Bangladeshis for hotels, shopping or eating at a fair price.

Zahirul Islam, a resident of Old Dhaka, is shopping at ‘Milan’, a clothing marketing company in Kolkata. In response to the question why they are leaving Bangladesh and shopping in Kolkata, Zahirul Islam said that the quality of clothes in Kolkata is good and durable. As a result, I shop from Kolkata. After a few days, if the crowd in the market increases, it will be very difficult to shop. So I’m shopping a little earlier.

A tourist named Zahid Hasan from Dhaka said, I came here for treatment. I thought I would buy something from here, so come.

Another Bangladeshi, Mohammad Israfil Mia Shanto, said that he had originally come to Kolkata with his family for a medical check-up. Wife wants to buy from Kolkata. So I started shopping in Kolkata out of compulsion.

He also said that they had to buy from Bangladesh too, in that case it is better to buy from Kolkata.

Shanta’s wife Runa said, we have come to see the doctor. But since Eid is coming, shopping must be done. So I thought to buy from Kolkata.

On the other hand, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Mintu Fakir, a resident of Kushtia, had a different experience when he came to Kolkata for the first time. He went straight to Chennai without getting a place in Kolkata.

Fakir said, when we came to Kolkata on March 10, there was a problem with the hotel. We took a flight to Chennai without getting a hotel room. Later after coming back to Kolkata from Chennai, this time there was no more difficulty. Found in hotel room, also shopped.

Nasiral Hossain, senior merchandiser of Arang, has arrived in Kolkata. He said that he has seen at least 30 hotels in the New Market area. Later, Nasiral got a hotel with extra rent.

He said that he came to Kolkata on March 15. There were many problems in the hotel, I saw the hotel around 30. With extra tip, increased rent and finally got a room.

He also said, Food prices are slightly higher this year than last year. But the quality of food is quite good.

Sultan Khan, a resident of Faridpur, said that he came to Kolkata from Bangladesh with one of his friends on Thursday. But after much searching a hotel was found. But instead of 1200 rupees, I had to pay 1800 rupees.

Another tourist named Shaukat Hossain said that there is a huge crowd in the hotel and this crowd is mainly because of Bangladeshis. Ahead of Ramadan, so many Bangladeshis have come to shop in Kolkata that there is no situation to enter clothes and shoes shops. I got hotel room with extra gratuity.

He also said that when the crowd increases, the hotel rent increases and the price of food increases.

Meanwhile, happy clothes sellers and hotel owners increase the crowd. They said that due to Corona, there was a slowdown in business for the last two years, this time they will be able to recover a little.

Rajesh Kumar Tiwari, the official of Milon, a textile marketing company in Kolkata’s New Market, said that 80 percent of our customers are Bangladeshis. The remaining 20 percent are local. Keeping them in mind, the variety of clothing has been brought.

He said that earlier Bangladeshi tourists used to come to Kolkata only on the occasion of Eid. But now the days have changed. They come and shop at different times of the year. Hope this year will sell more than last years.

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