Ajay was in danger after breaking his love relationship with Karisma

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Entertainment Desk: Karisma Kapoor and Ajay Devgan are one of the most talked about couples of Bollywood. They have given successful movies like ‘Jigar’, ‘Sangram’. This couple fell in love while working together. But in 1994, on the shooting sets of the movie ‘Sohag’, animosity developed between them. After that they stopped talking to each other on the shooting sets of this movie. Karisma used to go to her room after the shot was over.

Apart from Karisma-Ajay, Akshay Kumar and Nagma also acted in the movie ‘Sohaag’. But Ajay-Karisma played the lead roles. The most popular song of this movie is ‘Gare Gare Mukhnete Kala Kala Chashma’. This song was supposed to feature Karisma-Ajay, Akshay-Nagma. But Ajay was not seen in the song.

Ajay was dropped from this song for Karisma Kapoor. Before the shooting of this song, Karisma-Ajay’s rift reached such a point that Karisma expressed her inability to shoot the song with Ajay. Director Kuku Kohli could not even say anything to Karishma due to being a star child. The pair never worked together again after that.

It is heard that Karisma Kapoor ended her first relationship with Ajay. After that several Bollywood movies were missed by Ajay. Karishma also had a hand in Ajay’s departure. However, Kajol-Karisma’s relationship never soured. They still have a good relationship.

Karisma-Ajay Devgan first acted in the movie ‘Jigar’ in 1992. Directed by Farooq Siddiqui, this movie was released on 23 October 1992. After its release it did great business at the box office.

Karisma Kapoor is far away from acting. His latest released movie is ‘Zero’. It was released on 21 December 2018. He played a guest role in it. Karisma has written her name in the web series as well. His first and last web series was ‘Mentalhood’. It was released on March 11 last year.

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Although Karisma has moved away from acting, Ajay is working regularly. He is also producing movies. Currently, Ajay is working on several movies. Notable among them are ‘The Pride of India’, ‘Triple R’, ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’, ‘Thank God’, ‘May Day’ etc.

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