After Bollywood, this time Priyanka opened her mouth about discrimination in Hollywood

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Priyanka Chopra has cut down on working in the country due to discrimination in Bollywood. He took the way of Hollywood. Seen the face of considerable success. However, this international star expressed his position about Hollywood.

He is busy with ‘Quantico’ in Hollywood. After that Priyanka worked in films like ‘Baywatch’, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’. He has recently finished working on a web series Citadel. Through this, this Indian star entered the ranks of Hollywood’s leading actors. However, he said in an event, about the discrimination that happened in the beginning.

Before stepping into Hollywood, Priyanka was known as an Indian actress all over the world. The Indian actress says she is only acceptable to the audience of a particular region. He had to be a victim of this thought in the beginning when he came to Hollywood. However, he told how this idea changed. Priyanka said that she has earned the trust of producers and directors by working hard and doing multiple auditions.

Priyanka also said that her co-stars have similarly stepped out of their comfort zones and done different things, so as to increase their acceptance as artists to the global audience.

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