Aditya Chopra is ready to pour money on ‘Jawan’ too, Yashraj is overwhelmed by Benji’s success in ‘Pathan’?

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Unstoppable ‘send’ even after 50 days. Invincible is not very wrong. Breaking all precedents, this film of Shahrukh Khan has set a precedent in the history of Hindi cinema. It has already crossed the threshold of thousands of crores of business at the box office. That didn’t stop Vijayarath of ‘Pathan’. The film produced by Yash Raj Films is still getting one run after another in the crease. After ‘Pathan’, the film released from the theaters, but the comeback film of Bollywood’s ‘Baadshah’ is still playing. Shahrukh is not stopping here. Returned to the sets of ‘Jawan’ before the success of ‘Pathan’. Shahrukh is going to step into the pan-Indian film with this film by southern director Atlee. So, Badsha is giving 110 percent of himself for that film. News, after the success of ‘Pathan’, Yash Raj Films is showing interest in ‘Jawaan’. It is heard that YRF director Aditya Chopra wants to take the responsibility of presenting ‘Jawaan’ on his shoulders.

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Atlee’s film ‘Jawaan’ is going to be released this year. Like ‘Pathan’, Shahrukh Khan will also be seen in the role of ‘action hero’ in this film. The first glimpse of the film has already been released. Badsha has won the hearts of fans with his first look with a bandage on his eyes. ‘Jawan’ is going to be released abroad as well across the borders of the country. News, Yashraj Films is interested in taking responsibility for the film’s presentation abroad. ‘Pathan’ has done huge business abroad thanks to YRF. If Yashraj Films takes responsibility for the release of ‘Jawaan’ abroad, the film will ultimately benefit, the makers feel. On the other hand, ‘Pathan’ broke the drought at the Bollywood box office. Yash Raj Films also saw this amount of profit after several years. So, to thank Shahrukh Khan, this decision of Yashraj Karta Aditya Chopra, Kanaghuso Bolipara.

Jawaan was initially scheduled to release in June. However, both Atlee and Shah Rukh want to present a perfect film for the audience. So he does not want to rush the post-production work. That is why the decision to postpone the release. As per industry speculation, the film is going to release in October instead of June by the end of the year.


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