A video of a woman being beaten in a car is viral

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A man forces a woman into a car and beats her up in public. No one is protesting. None of the passers-by came forward and tried to save the woman. CCTV footage of one such incident is now viral on social media. The incident took place in Delhi, the capital of India. News from NDTV.

In the video, the man is seen forcing the woman into the car and beating her on the busy road. That person has no shoes on his feet. Another one is standing next to him. He is silently watching everything.

It was informed by the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police, after the video became public
That is, the investigation has been started since Saturday night.

The police found out the owner’s address by looking at the number of the car. Meanwhile, a police team has gone to the owner’s house in Gurugram. The car was last seen around 11:30 pm on Saturday near IFFCO intersection in Gurugram. Police have also traced the driver.

It was originally booked from Rohini to Bikaspuri through the app. The woman was beaten up on the way. The police are looking for three passengers of the car including the woman.


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