A minister forbade Mamata to have marital relations with the opposition party

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No matrimonial relationship with the opposition political leader’s family should be maintained, even in having tea together or going to the opposition political leader’s home to protect the invitation. Such controversial comments were made by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet member, West Bengal Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallick on Saturday.

Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallick came to a political function in his parliamentary seat last Thursday. There the minister said ‘CPM is terrible, terrible political party. What I said in 2011 still applies. I do this at least in my case. I don’t drink tea with CPM, I don’t talk.’

Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee came to power in West Bengal in 2011 with the slogan ‘Badla Nai Badal Chai’ to stop political violence after the change of power. But Jyotipriya Mallik said, ‘Everybody in the opposition is like a poisonous snake.’ should be beaten with a stick.’ He also said, ‘No one should have marital relations with CPM, should not sit and have tea together. Even if someone from the CPM goes to a wedding to eat, there should be a boycott.’ At that time, intense political watershed began with this.

An era has passed since then. But Jyotipriya is in Jyotipriya. Jyotipriyo brought up his old slogan again on Saturday. He said, I gave a slogan in November 2011, ‘I will not go with CPM. I will not make marital relationship with him. They will not go to any marriage house.’ That is still very applicable today. I am not in favor of going with CPM. They are terrible political parties.

However, state’s Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim expressed the opposite opinion. In his words, ‘As a councillor, public representative, I think it is my job to take someone from the CPM family to the hospital if he falls ill. It is my human duty to be a funeral pyre when someone dies.’

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