800,000 young volunteers ready to fight against the US

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North Korea claims at least 800,000 young people have volunteered for its army to fight US ‘imperialists’ and other enemies.

North Korean state newspaper Rodang Sinmum made this claim in an illustrated report last Friday.

Volunteers signed up to join the army with a pledge to completely wipe out the country’s enemies and unify the two Koreas, the report said. In pictures released, youths are standing in a long queue at a construction site to register as army volunteers.

In a report on the same issue on Saturday, Rodang Sinmum wrote that at least 8 lakh students and workers have signed up as the army’s ‘youth vanguard’ in the war to destroy the enemy and save the country from them. Because, US imperialists and their puppets want to destroy North Koreans’ right to freedom, development and life.

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