16,500 illegal immigrants were arrested in Saudi Arabia in one week

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About 16,500 illegal immigrants have been arrested in Saudi Arabia in a week. It is learned that the raids were conducted against them for violating rules on residence, labor and border security. 16 thousand 471 illegal expatriates were arrested during raids across Saudi Arabia. The news is from Gulf News.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, between March 9 and 15, various units of the security forces raided several areas of Saudi Arabia and arrested those expatriates.

According to the report, among those arrested, 9,25 people violated residency rules, 5,105 people violated border security rules and 2,341 people violated labor laws.

Moreover, another 1,184 people were arrested at the border area while entering Saudi Arabia. Among them, 42 percent are Yemenis, 56 percent Ethiopians and 2 percent others. 120 people were arrested while traveling from Saudi Arabia to other countries.

Four persons were also arrested out of those who assisted the illegal immigrants in various ways.

According to the report, currently more than 17 thousand people have been brought before the law. Among them 14 thousand 250 men and 3 thousand 20 women.


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