162 IEDs recovered from Aurangabad Bihar, Naxalites have hidden them

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T (162 IEDs found in naxal affected district of Aurangabad in Bihar): In a joint operation from Maoist-hit Aurangabad in Bihar, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Bihar Police have seized 162 IEDs and other equipment. In a statement, the CRPF said, “The country is moving towards a normal state because of the intensive operations carried out by the CRPF and the Bihar Police against the illegal Maoists. The operation took place in an area previously considered a Maoist stronghold. To destroy IEDs planted by the Maoists and to recover weapons and ammunition they may have hidden in their hasty escape.”

The statement further said, “Initially 13 pressure IEDs were detected in a search and destroy operation carried out by CRPF and Bihar Police in Laduiya Pahar area of ​​Aurangabad on 27 January. The troops destroyed the IED on the spot and continued the operation. When they got near a cave and scanned the cave carefully, they found 149 IEDs weighing about a kilogram. The IED disposal squad followed prescribed safety precautions.”

The influence of Naxalites continues to decline

The influence of the Naxalites in the country continues to decline. According to the 2021-2022 annual report released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, there were 1,136 incidents of Naxalite violence in 2013, while in 2021 it decreased to 509. As of 2013, Naxal influence is spread across 330 police stations in 76 districts in 10 states. As of 2021, cases of Naxalite assault were registered at 191 police stations in 46 districts across eight states. 90 percent of incidents occurred in 25 districts. ADG Bihar Headquarters Jitendra Singh Gangwar had given a statement on 16 January saying that Naxalites previously had influence in 15 districts of Bihar. However, currently their influence is limited to the state’s 10 districts.

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