16 killed in bus fall: Most of the passengers are from Gopalganj

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Khulna: Most of the passengers of the Imad Paribahan bus that lost control on the expressway in Shivchar’s Kutubpur area and plunged into the ditch were from Gopalganj.

The bus left Khulna for Dhaka on Sunday (March 19) morning.

This 40-seater bus starts its journey with 10-12 passengers from the counter at Royal Junction in Khulna. The rest of the passengers boarded from Gopalganj.

Sharif, the counter master of Imad Paribahan at Royal Junction in Khulna, gave this information to BanglaNews at 9:45 am.

He said, I saw from the list that among the 40 passengers, 10-12 passengers were from Khulna. Most people from Gopalganj. 5 known passengers boarded together from Khulna. I contacted them. They are all healthy. They said that the car brake failed and broke the road divider. Then fell down. Car No. Ifad Paribahan- 3348.

The counter master could not give exact information about how many people died.

The Imad Paribahan bus lost control and broke the railing and fell down on the Dhaka-bound lane of Qutubpur area of ​​Shibchar expressway at around 8 am on Sunday. 14 people died on the spot. 2 others died on the way to the hospital. The number of casualties exceeded 30. After the accident, teams of Highway Police, Shivchar Thana Police and Fire Service started rescue operations.

The victims have not been identified till the writing of this report.

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Bangladesh Time: 1020 hours, March 19, 2023

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