15 years since Nayak Manna left

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Today is 15 years since Mannar, one of the most successful and popular heroes of Bangladesh, passed away. On this day in 2008, he died of heart disease at the age of 44. His family and fans are remembering Manna on his death anniversary. His wife Shelly Manna said, like every year, this day is being celebrated specially.

Shelly Manna said, ‘Prayers and meetings have been organized by the committee of Manna Foundation. Manna’s death anniversary was celebrated in Tangail as well. Apart from this, a program has been organized to commemorate Manna at the Press Club of Manna’s home district, Tangail, on Friday.

Apart from this, on the initiative of ‘Manna Foundation Chittagong’, a mourning and memorial meeting has been organized at Chittagong Press Club today at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

The president of the organization, Mohammad Enamul Haque Mithu, said, ‘In memory of Manna, the hero of the people, a prayer has been organized by the foundation at Chittagong Press Club today at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Like every year we will remember our beloved hero.’

Syed Mohammad Aslam Talukder made his film debut in 1984 through a new face search organized by BFDC and became known as Manna. His first film was ‘Tawba’ (1984). After that, this popular hero acted in about three and a half hundred films one after the other. Manna’s first released film was ‘Pagli’. In 1991, Manna acted as a solo hero in the film ‘Kasem Malar Prem’ directed by Mustafa Anwar. After the film became a commercial success, there was no looking back for Manna. Manna, who is a huge hit as an action hero, has also proved his mettle in romantic films. After that, Manna established himself as a solo hero through the films ‘Danga’ and ‘Tras’ directed by the famous director Kazi Hayat. Manna became one of the top popular stars of the country through the films ‘Andh Prem’ directed by Mustafa Anwar, ‘Prem Deewana’ directed by Montajur Rahman Akbar, ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Desdrohi’ directed by Kazi Hayat.

In 1999, Manna worked in successful films like ‘Ke Amar Baba’, ‘Ammajaan’, ‘Lal Badsha’. His impeccable performance in the movie ‘Ammajaan’ mesmerized the audience and critics. This film is regarded as one of the milestones of his career.

Manna was also quite successful as a producer. All the films produced by his company, from Kritanjali Kathachitra being a producer himself, each film was a commercial success. The films include ‘Luttaraj’, ‘Lal Badsha’, ‘Abbajaan’, ‘Swami-Stri Yudh’, ‘Dui Bhadu One Hudi’, ‘Manna Sahe Yudh’, ‘Manna Bhai’, and ‘Pita-Matar Amanat’.

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