10 things to consider before buying an old phone

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Many people buy old or second hand phones. As new phones are expensive, they are out of budget for many. So trust the old phone. Many people sell used phones these days. When a new model comes in the market, the old one is sold at a slightly lower price.

But if you want to buy an old phone then there are few things you need to keep in mind. Check a few things on the phone. No need to get into trouble later. Let’s see what to check-

>> Check the condition of the phone before buying the old one. Be sure to check if there are any scratch marks, if the touch screen is working properly or not. Also check out the camera.

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>> Check the software version of the phone, know whether the phone is up to date. Check the phone for any malware or virus.

>> Check the battery life of the phone and let the seller know how long the phone lasts on a single charge.

>> Check if the phone comes with original accessories like charger, headphones and box.

>> Check the IMEI number of the phone. This will help you understand whether it is a stolen or lost phone. Ask the seller for the phone box.

>> Know whether the phone is still under warranty or not. If the phone is under warranty, transfer the warranty to your name. This will help you in case of phone problems.

>> Many times it is seen that after falling in water or getting wet, the damaged phone is sold. To check any such phone you are buying second hand, look for water marks or rust on the screen of the phone.

>> If buying the phone directly from the phone owner, then meet him in a crowded or public place like shopping mall, coffee shop. In that case, you will save a lot from any kind of fraud.

>> When bargaining, remember that a low price does not necessarily mean a good deal. If the phone is in good condition and comes with all its accessories, you can pick it up for a bit more.

>>Also get receipt from seller while buying second hand phone. In that case, it will be convenient if there is any problem with the phone in the future.


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